A&M Investment Office provides finance  brokerage to investors looking to secure  finance according to their individual  needs. With vast experience and contacts  in the UK real estate finance industry, we  are able to source competitive property  finance.


As some properties and  investments are outside the remit for some  lenders, A&M's experience and track  record enables them to source  lenders who are active in the relevant real  estate sector and at a competitive price.


A&M Investment Office have established strong relationships with market leading senior debt providers. A&M can facilitate the most competitive debt terms from conventional banks, private banks, institutional lenders, short term financiers, high net worth individuals, as well as other senior debt lenders.


The partners and team have an extensive track record of facilitating and organising senior debt and therefore are able to negotiate the most competitive terms for their clients. As part of the process the team will manage each stage from initial enquiry to drawdown, enabling clients to focus their time away from the financing requirements.



A&M Investment Office have relationships with financiers lending more than conventional senior debt. Mezzanine funding allows clients to access further real estate opportunities at levels that they would otherwise not reach.



A&M has access to many mezzanine providers, ranging from opportunistic real estate funds to private family offices, all of which are able to lend further layers of finance, reducing a client’s equity requirement.





A&M Investment Office has access to a strong group of private equity providers and joint venture partners. As a joint venture partner, A&M can realise better potential from an asset as well as becoming a long term strategic partner. The joint venture partners to whom A&M have access, range from high net worth individuals to family offices and private equity funds to wealth managers.



A&M has also expanded its’ fund management model to incorporate private joint venture vehicles. With an ever-changing dynamic real estate industry, through our private equity arm, A&M is looking to originate and realise excellent opportunities with both existing and new business partners.



A&M Investment Office can provide a full capital stack to any real estate deal, assembling an appropriate mix of senior, mezzanine and equity, which in turn minimises the client’s capital requirement thus increasing the return on capital deployed.

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