Real Estate



A&M Investment Office will source and  negotiate on behalf of the investor/buyer  to get the best price possible.


We have vast contacts  and experience in the UK and European  real estate sectors, including office,  residential and retail, allowing for  properties to be sourced off market and/or  direct from developers or vendors. On  behalf of A&M’s investors, we will  negotiate with sellers in order to provide  investors with a purchase price below  market value and a profit achieved from  day one.


A&M Investment Office provide asset  management services for its investors. In  doing so they will manage all properties  including maintenance etc. as well as look  at asset management strategies.


 Our experience across the real estate spectrum means  that we can look at generating the best  return for investors through analysing and  assessing various asset management  strategies, building on strong relationships with  contractors and maintenance companies,  ensuring an optimum return on investment and preserving high standards.



- A&M Investment Office predominantly target commercial assets within the core West End Markets, City of London and City fringe areas.

- Such locations include Mayfair, St. James and the City.

- A&M also invest in commercial assets outside of London.  International competition can lead to some London locations being over-priced and offering reduced returns.  Increasingly for some investors we look to areas  such as Reading, Birmingham and Manchester where entry level and returns can be more attractive.



- A&M Investment Office primarily targets the prime and secondary residential  markets in London.

- A&M also invest in residential opportunities outside of London (such as North West England and the Midlands). We believe risk-adjusted returns are still attractive in alternative investments such as strategic  land, student housing and the outer London boroughs.

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